AAbout us

AAbout Us


Venedictos Petratos, one of the pioneers in photography in late 19th century started his business in Argostoli, Kefalonia.

Since then the family name has been associated with the art of photography.  

We are able to capture a diverse variety of life’s aspects, from simple everyday scenes up to historical events of great importance,

always looking with unique aesthetics in order to manifest this moment, into eternity.

Today our business carries on this long tradition, combining the expertise and knowledge of many decades with  modern technology.

We aim at cooperating with our customers in the most efficient way in order to precisely understand their needs and provide an optimum service.

We offer a wide variety of products and services, ranging from established and traditional creations up to completely novel ideas.  

Our ultimate goal is your unique moments to be timeless.

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DDionysis Petratos

Dionysis Petratos was born and raised in Argostoli Kefalonia.

Descending from three generations of professional photographers, quickly stimulated and motivated into photography.

While studying in Athens, kept an ongoing relationship with the objective, working as a freelance photographer and videographer.

Today, he is established at his birthplace - Kefalonia, continuing a long family tradition and a great heritage.

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PPhotography Services


Wedding Photography

Let me capture and immortalize those precious moments of yours..
Always punctual and reliable, offering truly professional services


Christening Photography

The Baptism / Christening of your offspring is one of the couple's most important moments in life. Discreet and beautifully done, with style and minimal aesthetics


Interior & Exterior

If you own a villa or a tourist accommodation, a hotel, a restaurant or a shop, we can present the best out of the property and imprint the feeling of your residence


Events & Party

Photo-shooting of your special event, your party or your business meeting, with a touch of artistic and professional attitude


Commercial Photography

Show online and in magazines your business, your store or your art exhibition. Promote your objective with professional photos that stand out


Landscape & Panoramic

Kefalonia is a truly unique island with countless of breathtaking landscapes, beaches and amazing places. Contact me for plenty of mesmerizing photos to use for your website or your promo


CContact Us

Feel free to get in touch, send me your email and let's start organising your event!